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The Wonder of the Modern Bodysuit

The Wonder of the Modern Bodysuit

Photo by Donald Giannatti on Unsplash

Bodysuits. They’re a phenomenon in women’s fashion that have become increasingly popular in the last couple years.

Men often call them onesies or leotards, ogling at the sartorial contraption that covers our whole torso and has multiple snaps at the crotch.

The origins of the modern bodysuit are actually quite interesting. This style was first designed in the 19th century by French gymnast and acrobat Jules Léotard, who actually didn’t name the garment after himself. He called it a “maillot,” which in French refers to a tight-fitting shirt. The leotard got its name years after his death, when other acrobats and circus performers were wearing the design.

Typically, when we think of a leotard, we associate it with dancers. The leotard did not start being worn by ballet dancers until the early 20th century, when they were made with better materials. I don’t blame them — a wool leotard sounds *very* uncomfortable. From there, we saw leotards gaining popularity in film, fashion, and sport, as spandex and similar fabrics emerged and design became more creative.

Now, in 2020, we’ve arrived at a form of the leotard that is intended to be worn casually rather than exclusively for sport or costume (think Wonderwoman). This is what we know now as the bodysuit.

Bodysuits don’t look appealing on the hanger, but they sure are convenient for those of us who want to wear a fitted top tucked in to our bottoms without adjusting it once it inevitably, and constantly, bunches up.

Bodysuits exist in many forms — long sleeve, short sleeve, sleeveless. Some of them have bottoms that cover your whole behind, while others come in a thong form to avoid panty lines. They’re versatile and super practical. They also make layering easy because, again, the bunching problem. You would think having snaps at your crotch or wearing a one-piece like an infant would be uncomfortable, but surprisingly, it isn’t. Otherwise, so many people wouldn’t be wearing them!

At Neutral Rebel, we offer a couple different styles including the Sweet Nothings Cowl Neck Bodysuit, which comes in Black and Champagne, and The Basics V-Neck Bodysuit, which comes in Cream.

Sweet Nothings Cowl Neck Bodysuit ($35.00) & The Basics V-Neck Bodysuit ($28.00)

The Basics V-Neck bodysuit is ideal for a casual day out — think a winery, layered with a Sherpa jacket and your fave gold necklaces. The Sweet Nothings bodysuit is great for dressing up a little — the silky material and flirty cowl neck make you look put together for a nice dinner but you’ll always stay tucked in with the soft, stretchy bottom.

We hope you’ll shop Neutral Rebel for all your bodysuit needs and beyond.

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