Our Philosophy on Neutrals

Neutral Rebel is an online boutique offering women’s fashion exclusively in neutral shades launching on October 13, 2020.

I’d like to take the time to introduce ourselves and explain our philosophy on neutrals — what are they? What colors to do they include? Why only neutrals when there are so many options out there?

First, I’ll tell you our story. Neutral Rebel was founded by me, the woman behind the keyboard. My name is Katie Nichols. While working on launching my small business, I also work on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. A Southern California native, I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Upon graduation, I moved to the nation’s capital and earned my Master’s degree in Legislative Affairs from The George Washington University.

Ever since I was young, I’ve been enthralled with fashion, beauty, and style, trying on my grandmother’s high heels and picking out all my outfits (the more ruffles the better).

4-year-old Katie in her grandma’s heels.

More than that, I come from a family of entrepreneurs and small business owners —my grandparents, parents, uncle, and others have all owned successful companies that they built with a lot of hard work and a little grit.

While I am and always will be passionate about politics and policy, I couldn’t shake not just my love for clothes, but the sense I have for knowing what pieces are most flattering on certain body types, which patterns and colors will complement each other, and what will make someone look and feel their best.

With that, I decided to start Neutral Rebel. Neutral tones have always been at the forefront of my wardrobe. They’re functional and adaptable, making it easier to get dressed in the mornings. Have you ever browsed online, found something you liked, only to have it sold out in all the basic colors, leaving you to choose between either coral pink or cornflower blue? Frustrating!

“Neutrals are boring,” said everyone ever. Sure, a groutfit can be boring, but that’s not what Neutral Rebel promotes. Neutral colors don’t just comprise of black, white, and grey. They include navy, camel, oatmeal, ivory, brown, burgundy, and olive. Neutral Rebel sells fashionable pieces that can still serve as long-term staples in your wardrobe.

A white ribbed long sleeve top that fits well looks polished and structured, yet isn’t any less comfortable than a regular long sleeve tee. Pair it a pair of dark skinny denim and leather mules, and you have yourself a sophisticated look. Each of those pieces individually can serve you in hundreds of different outfits. That’s the goal of Neutral Rebel — responsible fashion.

I hope our mission resonates with you. Check us out when we launch on October 13 and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


The NR Team of 1

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