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Emerging Trends for this Spring & Summer

Emerging Trends for this Spring & Summer

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Spring has sprung! New season, new style.

Fall and winter brought us a lot of long length styles, including midi and maxi dresses. Spring and Summer are taking us in the opposite direction. Y2K style has been on its way back for the last year or so, Gen Zers on TikTok and Instagram being a huge propellant of that. 2022 marks the official return of Y2K and the early-2000s for me. We saw previews of this over the last few years with brown lipstick, baggy jeans, slip dresses, and strappy heeled sandals, but this year is the big one.

It’s nearing April, so we’re seeing the latest trends come to life for Spring and Summer 2022. These seasons are not only filled with warm weather but tons of activity. When online shopping, you might already see edits for vacation, music festivals, weddings, and more. Whether you have any of these events on the calendar or you’re staying close to home, you can try out any of these fads.

  1. Low-Rise Bottoms

The 2010s were all about high-rise pants. I can’t speak for all, but I love my high-rise jeans and you will have to pry them from my cold, dead hands. For 99% of the population that doesn’t have a completely flat stomach, high-rise pants hold the tummy in while also making your butt look good — they’re all-around flattering. It’s like a denim security blanket!

Millennials were horrified to hear about the return of low-rise bottoms — jeans and miniskirts alike.

When I think of low-rise, I’m reminded of Britney Spears circa 2002. This is not the only early-2000s trend that is making a comeback. First, it was the 70s, and now it’s the early 2000s. This era was peak for super thin female celebrities who sported low-rise jeans and other similar trends on the red carpet, including Jennifer Aniston, Brittany Murphy, Angelina Jolie, Keira Knightley, Julia Stiles, and countless more. Don’t get me wrong — if you don’t have a Jennifer-esque body type, you can still rock low-rise jeans. And hey, at least they’re not all skinny denim! You don’t need a certain body type to wear anything and look good in it. I just feel more confident in my high-rise pants and that’s what I’ll keep in my closet!

  1. Bra Tops

The theme for the year appears to be sexy, sexy, sexy. Another trend to be on the lookout for is bra tops, which would definitely win over low-rise jeans for me. In January and February, I saw a lot of long sleeved bra tops. It looked like a regular long sleeve crop top, but the bottom had the shape of bra underwire. TikTokers were emulating this look (and avoiding another purchase) by taking an average waist-length top and tucking it under their bra. If you’re going to show midriff in Winter, you have to at least keep your arms warm, right?

The warmer weather permits you to wear a bra top that looks much more like a bra, sans sleeves. It can be a triangle, bralette type or a more traditional bra shape. To achieve the style practically without as much skin, throw a cool, oversized blazer on top.

  1. Cutouts

Along the sexy, Y2K theme, we also have cutouts in dresses, jumpsuits, tops, bottoms — you name it. This trend started last year but continues this year while merging with the “mini” trend. A minidress WITH cutouts? What a combo!

The beauty of the cutout fad is that it can be both sexy and classy depending on the piece. One cutout at the midriff, or two on the sides, are fit for a cocktail bar, nice dinner, or a theater show.

  1. Co-Ordinates

Co-ords are another trend continuing from last year. Who doesn’t love being able to wake up and put on a matching set? It doesn’t get any easier than that!

This year, instead of a crop top and matching form-fitting midi skirt, try a short with a looser fitting top. You can wear it as a beach cover-up, leaving a button-down shirt open to show the swimsuit.

Many people don’t care to follow the latest and greatest in fashion, but trying out a trendy piece or two keeps your look current. Mixing up your wardrobe can also elevate your confidence and improve your quality of life because, according to one of my favorite podcasts, “Do You F*****g Mind?”, variety fosters happiness. If you try one of these trends (in a neutral color, of course), tag/hashtag us at @shopneutralrebel and let us know!


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