An Unexpected Favorite Fall Trend

Often, when you ask someone their FAVORITE color, they might say blue, green, or maybe red. If you ask someone least their LEAST FAVORITE color, however, they’ll probably say brown. After all, isn’t it just a boring blend of all the primary colors? A result of mixing all your paint together in elementary school?

And yet, various shades of brown — rich chestnut, warm camel, crisp khaki — are quickly filling up our fall wishlists.

It only makes sense that brown is trending for fall. I mean, it reminds us of all things autumnal — decaying leaves, gourds, turkeys (turkeys are brown, right?), you name it. When it’s the right shade, rather than just a flat hue reminiscent of dirt, it can be super flattering for both warm and cool-toned ladies. Add a cool texture like velvet or corduroy and you have it made!

One of our favorite pieces from our launch collection this month is this soft, lightweight corduroy button-down dress in dark brown (pictured below). It has a belted waist, to accentuate yours, and volume sleeves for that little extra oomph.

We recommend styling this piece dressed down with suede slip-on sneakers or dressed up with ankle booties and a western hat.

You can find more versatile, yet fashion-forward pieces like this on our website when it launches on Tuesday, October 13th.

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