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3 Must-Have Tips for Layering

3 Must-Have Tips for Layering

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

A major thing we all — I’m just going to speak for everyone in the world here — love about the fall season is that it brings cooler temperatures. Not too cool, though.

Here in Washington, D.C., it’s been in the high 60s/low 70s during the day and a little chillier at night. It reminds us of this iconic scene from the 2000 film Miss Congeniality:

I overheard someone say recently that they “never know what to wear when it’s 65 degrees out.” I can’t help but agree. The weather is beautiful but the cloud cover goes in and out, or there’s that slight breeze that makes you wish you carried a jacket.

It’s all about layering in times like these. So, what’s the trick to layering?

I’m a victim of this, too. Unless I have my outfit set out the night before, getting dressed in the morning can be a 30-minute battle of trying on 10 different outfits until I feel happy with the result. Not just content, but GOOD about myself. And layering adds an extra “layer” (get it?) of difficulty to that process because it’s just more pieces for me to think about and put together.

So when I need to get dressed and prepare myself for the finnicky fall weather, here are some tips I live by:

  • Keep the color palette minimal. Right now, I’m wearing skinny blue jeans, a white silk cami, an oatmeal wrap cardigan, and tan suede flats. The outfit consists of different shades of the same color family to stay aesthetically pleasing, but it’s not so dynamic that I have to keep all of it on to look “right.” If I go out in the sun and get hot, I can take the cardigan off. Plus, it was easy to throw together this morning and I feel put together.
  • Mix textures. Because I’m not a huge fan of patterns, I use texture on solid colors to keep things interesting. For example, I might layer a black velvet blazer on top of a ribbed bodysuit and pair that with snakeskin black booties. Don’t get me wrong — I love a good print now and then, but mixing textures can be even more sophisticated in an understated way, and it gives off that effortless vibe.
  • Proportions are key. Have you ever noticed that a cardigan paired with an untucked button-down looks kind of sloppy? The two top layers — the cardigan and the shirt — shouldn’t be the same length. If you’ve ever watched Queer Eye on Netflix, you’re probably familiar with stylist Tan France and the infamous “French tuck.” The French tuck is when you tuck the front of your shirt into your bottoms and leave the rest out. This is one of my staples, even with loungewear! When I visit my parents, my dad always says, “It looks like you got your shirt caught in your zipper.” I think it’s the new version of, “Did you pay extra for the jeans with those holes?” Anyway… next time you’re layering a longer top with long outerwear like a coat or cardigan, try the French or full tuck. Playing with proportions helps to trick the eye into lengthening your leg line or tightening your waist.
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